Camp Amira

I promise I'm not a bad mom at least I don't think I am. I'm not! Nope because Amira always writes the cutest little post it notes telling me how great I am. I just feel bad knowing I haven't shared her 6th birthday party pictures or videos yet. See I struggle with how much of her I share on social media well how much of my life period but hey that's another conversation. But, I decided, why not share how much fun we had and the joy of being her mom and living my childhood again through her. 


SUPER DUPER THANKS TO Amira's Dad for being the best co-parent, my Uncle more like my 2nd dad for hosting us at the Peabody, my friend & sister Kamesha of Ava Loren Design for designing the glamping party, Nikki Chanel for The Beauty Bar, Kim my fav cousin for Posh Pinkies & the parents of Amira's BFF's for allowing the girls to stay over and my family & super mom Claudia for helping me with all of the girls.