Friday, June 20, 2014

#OOTD: Sequin Pencil Skirt byAndreaFenise

 It's Friday...FUN TIMES AHEAD..I look forward to Fridays because the weekend is my time to spend with Amira just playing and enjoying each other. Having a child, it's like you get to relive your childhood by being creative, sliding down slides and swinging from monkey bars. Oh and mentioning fun is this graphic tee I picked up to pair with my sequin pencil skirt for my #OOTD.
 I don't believe in wasting fabric. After I made a couple of sequin maxi skirt orders, I had a little sequin fabric leftover and decided to make myself a sequin pencil skirt. I love it!!! I love the look as well. It's a fun way to play with texture and balance. Of course, we know sequin used to be strictly for evening wear..NO NO NO not anymore.

 Balancing sequin and making it easy to wear in the daytime is easily achievable. Pair a sequin piece with a fun graphic tee or basic tee and keep your accessories to a minimum.
Have a fun weekend you guys!!!!


  1. This is SUPER cute!! I love it! Nothing better than a graphic tee!!

    xo, Kenya

  2. Thank you!!! It is so much fun wearing it as well. I love graphic tees.


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