Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Favorite Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

I used to be the anti tech girl stuck in an analog world but when I finally made my first iPhone purchase for my birthday last year smh...I haven't been the same. I am now a devout Apple girl!!!! And you wanna know why..the APPS!! In this post, I want to share five of my favorite apps for creative entrepreneurs.


It's a modern work space that helps you be your most productive self. Evernote allows you to write notes, collect articles to read later, record audio, snap images, and file them all in one place. Managing different projects for my company is easier with Evernote. Many times I am simultaneously handling design projects and sourcing information from visual images to text. It's so important I record everything I mean everything so I won't drop the ball and forget. 

I use the app alot to record ideas for design projects and collect information to effectively see the project through from beginning to end. 


With AnyDo, you feel more apt to DO..get things done you know! It's the perfect app for people who love to conquer to do lists and scratch everything off. Any Do is my get shit done reinforcer. I love how every morning at 9am (you can set your own timer) it sends a notification to plan your day.

I load everything in there! Household tasks, phone calls to friends, business tasks, errands..everything. One other reason why I love AnyDo is because I can clearly see at the end of the day that I did do something today lol. 


My new app obsession is the wonderfully super cool payment app Wave. It is a genius accounting app for small business that makes bookeeping so much easier to manage. I will admit I am not the best when it comes to keeping the accounting aspect of my business well. Receipts are everywhere, I forget to log sales and expenses and you know that is not good at all. Andrea Fenise Lifestyle Design Group is no longer a hobby it is my business and Wave has come to the rescue with running it like one.

 There are 3 major features to the application... Invoicing, Receipts and Payments so everything you need is in one place.

The invoicing featuring gives you the option to submit a mobile invoice to your client with all necessary details. The backup software has all of your products and services in the database, client information and it offers payment for the client. 

 The coolest feature is the Receipt feature. Snap a photo the instant you make a purchase and log which category whether office supplies, travel expenses, gas and more. Cool right!!!!


 Creative entrepreneurs are some of the most amazing people I've ever met. We also have a million ideas, a million projects and a zillion times we jump from idea->idea to goal <- and="" app="" goal.="" goals="" is="" nbsp="" p="" perfect="" progress="" the="" to="" track="" verest="" visually.="" your="">

We all speak of "journeys" while building a brand. I am in love with Everest simple because I can be as scattered brain as I want but still take a step back and see the progress I am making. 

You can set however many "journeys" as your little heart desires. The beauty is you can also follow others on their journey as well and see when they accomplish all of their goals. 

Do you guys already use any of these apps? Wanna share some cool apps? Please..DO. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

How to Wear Flare Jeans

Give me a choice which decade I could live in..It would be the 70s without any hesitation. Flare jeans are one of my favorite fits of denim by far. In this post, I show you three simple ways to style flare jeans. Oh and I'm pretty sure you have the basic tops in your wardrobe already.


Pulling of the Denim on denim is trend is straightforward. Don't think too much in what shades of denim ok...Just grab a chambray denim top and bring the palette together with neutral accessories like a brown menswear belt and printed shoes. 

.: deets :. 
denim top | Target
jeans | Forever 21
belt | Goodwill
accessories | Style Junkie 


Casually speaking, a simple striped tee will get you out of the door looking chic effortlessly. I love playing with accessories and piling them on when I my other pieces are simple.

.: deets :.
tee | Macys
jeans | Forever 21
belt | TJMaxx
accessories + shoes | Style Junkie


Let me give an honorable style tribute to all of the gorgeous women of the 70s who knew how to do glam. I had to do the typical look with this one. A floral chiffon blouse and a bad ass faux fur vest with my flare jeans was a no brainer.

.: deets :.
floral blouse | Windsor
faux fur vest | Forever 21
jeans | Forever 21
booties | Style Junkie 

Friday, October 17, 2014

What to Wear to a Museum Tour + Soulful Creatures at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

There is so much to do in Memphis this weekend, its unbelievable. I'm really trying to organize a schedule of things we will concur over the weekend. One of our favorite places to go in Memphis on the weekend is the Brooks Museum of Art. I love the arts and touring museums and the Brooks Museum always has really cool exhibits. They also have a cool way for kids to get exposed to the arts very early and interact with the exhibits. 

The museum partners with Macy's for a community day for the opening of special exhibits. Tomorrow they will host a fun community day celebrating the opening of Soulful Creatures: Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt which is the first major exhibit to focus on the fascinating and mysterious aspect of ancient Egyptian culture and religion. Community Day is the perfect learning experience for the kids to explore the role animals played in ancient Egypt. 

It's a playful afternoon of art making, games, and oodles of fun. During the creation station, kids will have the chance to decorate the interactive gallery by working on a collaborative frieze or they can bring in a stuffed animal from home and make their own "mummy". 


So what does Mommy wear to the museum to both look stylish and comfortable and artsy?!?! No worries

Have a little playful fun with your style by wearing a floral printed slim leg trouser or any printed trouser. The kid in you wants to come out ...let it with a unicorn graphic printed tee. Play on colors and comfort with accessories. I love smoking slippers they are so stylish and chic yet super comfortable to chase after kids. Don't forget to add a lippie while rushing out the door. 

Before I go..details on the event!!!
Time | 10A-1P
Cost | FREE
Addy | 1934 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38104

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Behind the Seams | Song of Style Inspired Look

Hey you guys!! I wanted to share an easy get the look as well as tutorial for Aimee Song of Song of Style Look. I have followed Song of Style for a few years now and I have to admit I totally crush on her style. Aimee has an impeccable sense of style both in your wardrobe and interiors. Just in case you didn't know she's an interior designer. I love the way she always dresses very glassy but with a little edge and she's always ultra feminine. Taking a little notes and styling from her, I made this flounce skirt she wore during NYFW for my Local Memphis Live appearance. 

The skirt was so easy to make. So I wanted to share the tutorial with you (let me know if it's too hard to follow). Let's get started!!!


Before you begin, go ahead and take a couple of measurements and write them down. You will need your waist and hip measurement for now. Grab some Kraft paper..I get mine from the Dollar Tree but if that's not your kind of place you are more than welcome to get packaging paper from Target lol. 

1. First,measure your waist and divide by 4 . We are making two pattern pieces one for the front and one for the back. Therefore, we need to divide by four to get each quarter of the body that will fold out to half. 

Example my waist ( I like my skirts low rise so my waist measurement I use is 27) Divide waist by 4= 7 for me.  

2.  Next measure 7 inches down on the paper, which is the normal distance from your waist down to your hips & mark with a circle. Using your hip measurement divide by 4 as well. Mark on that measurement on paper. 

Using a SA ruler, connect those dots or the waist and hip mesurement as seen above 

Your skirt pattern is now complete!! Use this pattern piece to cut out your FRONT and  BACK pieces. Be sure to place the pattern on the fold of the fabric. As a result, you will have two pieces that will open out to be the front and back piece for your skirt. 

Sew the front and back pieces together right sides facing. 

Now on to the PEPLUM. 

For simplicity purposes, I will share a great tutorial for making the peplum on YouTube. 
But....use your GAIT measurement from above for the measurement you'll need to make a half circle which is what the peplum essentially is. 

My gait measurement is 28. So I divided 28 by (3.14) then by 2 which gives you half a pie. 
From there, I took a ruler and made lines from each anchor point of the circle and spread them to make a peplum piece. 

Cut the pattern piece out and then place on the fold and cut two pieces. Remember you need a front and back piece. Sew pieces together right sides facing. Hem all around the peplum.

Lastly, attach the skirt and peplum together. Right sides facing. What will help is to slide the peplum piece over the skirt.

Final step.....

Oh YAY!!! 

Let me know if you make this skirt!!! It's an adorable piece to have in your wardrobe!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Projects : Ballet Illustration

While keeping my heart and my eyes open, I have conceived a project that I'm so happy to announce. It's like I have given birth to a new child. I'm ready to share with the world my Printed Ballet Illustrations. 
I shared the creative process in a previous post  so you know the story behind the collection and where all of the adorable inspiration came from. 

The illustrations are perfect to hang in your little ballerina's bedroom or to gift for anyone who loves the ballet world. They will also be perfect to send as holiday cards. Hint Hint...I will also make custom pieces as well as add more illustrations to the Etsy shop.

We Have A Guest : Brandy Flynn x Lose to Win

Life is something else I tell you. It throws you the most curve balls while riding the roller coaster but we learn how to deal. If we don't we just call on our girlfriend who always has a way to put things into perspective. Thankfully, I have one I can call on and she's a professional too which is even better. 

You guys MEET BRANDY FLYNN ... I invited her to do a guest blog post simply to help us sort our life out. 


How do you handle losing things out of life when you are trying to win? Do you cry? Do you fall apart? Do you shut yourself in? Do you go in denial? Don’t be scared to answer yes, because you are not alone. 

It is hard for us to get back on the grind of things when we feel that everything that we are doing is constantly knocking us down. It is very hard to lose out on the things that we want out of life and to remain focused on achieving the goal that we have set. Rather it is school, career, relationships, or personal goals, often times we do not reach the goal the first go around. It seems like that often times when we try to do great things in life, we often get thrown off track to the point that we ask is it worth it. But what people don’t realize is that a lot of successful people have lost almost everything in order for them to win it all. 

But how, you may ask. Well I’m not going to say that it is easy, but will so that it is doable, but depending on how much you want it. Here are three pointers for you to help  when you are trying to win after constantly losing.

Remember your Purpose
Do you know your purpose in life? If you don’t know, then you will never win until you realize what your purpose is. In order to find it, you must recognize what your talents are that you are blessed with. No talent is too small to have a place in our world, so there is no need to compare it to others. Once you realize your purpose, you have to actively grow into your talent and make it stronger. Even when we get knocked off the path, we have to remember to regroup so that we can move on with the plan that is set for us.

Always be the Captain of your Cheerleading Squad
Whenever we are at a loss and continue to lose, we always want someone to cheer us on so that we can get back motivated to win. But what about the times when our cheerleading squad is either not available to cheer or have quit the squad. Just like a captain of the cheerleading squad, you have to learn to cheer for yourself no matter how bad you feel about losing. Many athletic games that were losing contributed to their major comebacks to their cheerleaders that constantly cheered for them even when the fans stopped. We have to learn to encourage ourselves, to tell ourselves that we did a great job, and to tell ourselves that we will make it through this. We have to understand the concept that no one will ever cheer for us to win, if we do not speak the spirit in ourselves.

Creating a Winning Team
No one became successful in life alone. All successful people had at least someone on their team who was able to help them during the good times and the bad times of life. So how do you handle the people who constantly remind you of your losses and never encourage you attempt to win? Well that’s an easy answer; you get rid of them. One of the main reasons why we can never get back on track on the winning path is because we allow people in our area who mean us no good. We feel that if you cut them off that we are being disloyal and we are not keeping it real. 

Well we are being disloyal, and we are not keeping it real, but we are doing these two things to ourselves. Once we learn to rotate people from certain places in our lives that they no longer need to be in and replace them with those who can help us gain a winning strategy, we will be able to get back on track to win the game.

Everything worth having in life is worth fighting for. Sometimes we have to be lose everything that we have in order to gain and appreciate the winnings that are set in lives to gain. We have to understand that many times we will fail at something but that does not equate to failure. We have to understand that a loss does not mean that we are lost. We have to remember that we are destined for greatness. We have to remember that sometimes we have to lose to win again.

Brandy is a mental health counselor and consultant. She is an advocate for mental health awareness where she blogs and conducts speaking engagements about mental health and becoming a better person.. You can follow her on Instagram @ConsultBrandy and Facebook on Brandy J. Flynn Counseling & Consulting Services

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Local Memphis Live x Brunch + Sew with Andrea Fenise

Yesterday, I made an appearance on Local Memphis Live to promote the second Brunch and Sew event with Kamesha Hervey Richard of Ava Loren Design. I love like love spreading the word about Brunch and Sew because well it's the perfect opportunity to socialize, brunch and well duh sew.

Preparing for a television appearance is a lot of work. Behind the scenes and preparation for a filmed show is ALOT of work. You have to make sure wardrobe is television appropriate like colors, fit of clothing and even what accessories to wear and not wear, props and even practice speaking. I've made a few appearances so I kind of have a hold on it lol.

I wanted a bold color to pop on television so I made a pencil skirt with a flounce in a cobalt blue garbadine. I drafted the pattern and completely finished the skirt thanks to my Pomodoro technique.
For the top I wanted to make sure I wore something fitting just in case I bent down. It's so embarassing to flash on television ask Janet. Being mindful of the demographic of the station, I covered my tattoos as well. And of course, I gave myself a mani because I knew I would do a live sewing demonstration and you know a girls nails have to be perfectly polished.

Let's not forget the face...I called my favorite makeup artist Ninja of NV Cosmetics to give me television makeup because lighting in television studios are rough on a girl. I loved the look because it was day makeup but prominent enough for it to read well on TV.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Product Review : Brainy Baby's Spanish and English : Simple Words and Phrases

As we all know the world is getting so small and becoming more global. We are immersed into other cultures every single day.. I mean every day. As a mother,the value of raising Amira to be more cultured and adapt to the  world internationally is very important. I try with all of my little might to give her as many advantages as possible.

 Raising Amira to be bilingual is one of my major goals. Learning a second language not only allows her to communicate with her friends in school that speak Spanish but it prepares her for so much more the world can offer.

 Like mother like daughter, I started teaching myself Spanish a few years ago by reading books and listening audio tapes. I didn't have the resources to place her in a bilingual school program so I invested in Brainy Baby's Spanish and English Simple Words & Phrases as a first step in teaching Amira spanish. 

The set was pretty cool and came with mixed resources for learning. It comes packaged with a book, DVD, and flash cards. I thought that was pretty cool and great thinking on the developers end. We all know kids learn different ways, some are visual and some are audio, and hands on. So it's perfect to use all of the learning techniques. 

 Our method of learning is pretty simple. We take a word or two a week and review all day every day. Most of the time, if I know Amira has mastered the word. I make her speak to me only in Spanish.

For example, numbers and colors she has to tell me in both English in spanish. This morning I asked her ? Cuantos colas de caballo quieres  she replied in Spanish cuatro . Using this method, is a great way to reinforce and review and allow her to carry on conversations in Spanish.

We just love the Brainy Baby Collection and we've used it for the past 3 years. 

I purchased the collection locally in Memphis at Booksellers at Laurel wood, if you aren't in Memphis you can grab it  here 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Exciting News : Brunch & Sew October

We are only 8 days away from the next Brunch & Sew event. I'm so excited to share that Langford Market will be our next host for the event. Langford Market is one of my favorite places to shop in Memphis. The decor of the store is so fitting and a perfect place to entertain stylish creatives.

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