Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brunch and Sew with Andrea Fenise

Join Andrea Fenise & creative partner Kamesha Hervey Richard of Ava Loren Design for a stylish afternoon of brunch, amazing conversation, and fun and interactive sewing and design. 
Attendees will learn the basics of sewing, design a stylish home interior pillow, learn how to make a pattern that they can treasure forever. Brunch and sewing materials are provided. You don't have to bring anything just your eager mind and stylish self. 

We would love to have you!!!!!! REGISTER  TODAY 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Get the Look : Graphic Printed Bodycon Inspired by Beyonce

Please tell me you haven't been under a rock and haven't been on Instagram and Facebook and seen The Queen B..Beyonce's tour looks, costumes, and fan looks. After making a custom piece for a client specifically for the New Orleans leg of the tour, I searched through the web for Beyonce's looks. I found this cute graphic printed bodycon skirt Beyonce wore on her off time in Houston.
 I love this look! It's a sleek look styled with a bowler hat and a bold red lip. The Nicole Miller Pilar Mazon skirt was inspired by the garden of Versailles. The print is very easy to style and in my stylish situation easy to replicate.

.: DEETS :. 
blouse | American Apparel
skirt | byAndreaFenise
hat| Urban Outfitters
shoes & accessories | Style Junkie 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Working It with Amira and Balancing Motherhood

 Sharing my life and work with my daughter is a dream come true. I mean I shared my body..my food...my bed (still) so why not share my work with her. Integrating Amira into my day to day work activities is a juggling act but somehow I find balance and we just get the job done. I sat down with Grace Magazine to share my "secrets" as a successful mom.

1. You come first (not really...kinda) 
If you are a mother, you know really... we don't come first. We allow our kids to eat first. We shop for our kids first. Rules are always meant to broken and in this case I'll explain. My secret for keeping it all  together and maintain a sane mind  is to wake up FIRST. I give myself a couple extra hours before Amira wakes up to do a mani & pedi. Take a bubble bath and get myself together. Most importantly, it's my "quiet time". It's the only time I get to catch up on reading or even just plan my day.

2. Take the help.
I don't know why so many mothers feel guilty when someone offers to babysit or give us a "break". One thing we know for sure is the kids are "ours" and the sitter will bring them back. If you are offered help, take the time to get caught up or ahead. It's a great opportunity to reply to emails, send invoices, do some research for future projects, and schedule meetings.

3. Mommies have to be choosey. 
We can't do everything. Often times we will miss out on cool events, girls night out and extravagant vacations and for some of us date.  It's okay...I promise. after they leave the nest..We can soar and travel the world find our love. But for now,  we have to prioritize and attend events that will be beneficial to our careers. My suggestion for balancing is to chose wisely. I know as moms we have superpowers but we haven't quite ow figured out  how to be in two places at one time. I enjoy scheduling and attending events when Amira is in school. It allows me to fully focus without a 5 year old asking for something every two seconds.

4. Run a well orchestrated schedule & closet. 
If you don't have a to do list that transitions to a Action Plan, make that the first thing you do after reading this post. If I can get a dollar for every time someone asks..."How do you do it all?" I would be uber rich. My secret is a to do list...I HAVE to write everything down. I even slot out time increments. It's funny I call myself CHO (chief household officer) because I have to manage our lifestyle and use a special system to do so. Visually seeing your tasks scratched off, makes you feel like you are accomplishing the "unaccomplishable".

Now as a designer, I can't skip out on the importance of a well orchestrated and edited wardrobe. Build a wardrobe with great quality pieces, a capsule collection, you don't need much just season essentials that transition and complement well. It allows you to always look stylish but not without a lot of effort and time. You know we don't have much of that.

5. Show them better than you can tell them 
There is absolutely no reason you cannot make your children apart of your work. I have never understood and will not even try to understand why children have to be separated from our lives. It's my dream to show Amira what it's like to stay focused, work hard, and balance life. Being Amira's role model is a title I will proudly hold true to my little heart. I want to be an example to her that as a woman she has the power to be and do whatever she likes.

I hope you find these tips helpful and I look forward to sharing more creative tips for balancing motherhood and work.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Please & Thank You | Sending Personalized Stationery

Would you like to be the reason why someone's day is so much brighter and their heart a little fuzzier? A simple gesture like a personalized handwritten card goes a very long way. And guess what?? It doesn't take you long or require much of you. Simply, tell someone thank you for a gift or for just how amazing they are too you. 

I really enjoy writing thank you cards to package with all of my garments. It's an opportunity for me to allow my clients to really feel how I feel about them purchasing pieces from me. It's also a personal touch that you don't see anymore..penmanship lol. I get so giddy thinking of the words I'll use to express myself and wonder how excited they will be just to read the note. 

clockwise: bottom left  (illustrated ballerina card byAndreaFenise ) top left (Just Because..byAndreaFenise) center (Thank You by Target) top right (porcupine thank you by Target) bottom right hello gorgeous ( Ava Loren Design
 When sending personalized stationery make it personal. The cards are chose are a clear depiction of your personality or the personality of the reciepent. Have fun and make the message clear..You Thank Them!!

Here's your challenge...Take the time out at least once a week to send someone a Thank You card. Thank them for a gift...thank them for inspiration and motivation...thank them for just being beautiful and amazing. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Splash + Splatter with Amira

Amira and I look forward to Saturdays!! It's an official "Amira's Day every Saturday in which I dedicate the day to whatever she wants to do. As a single mother with a mile long to do list, it's important and a priority for me to balance my time and nurture a long lasting bond with her.
 This Saturday, I used my new Do Memphis app to find some events that were being held in the city. Much to my surprise, we had many options to chose from and we chose Splash + Splatter at Shelby Farms. We ventured out east to Shelby Farms to a new  water park sponsored by Memphis Pool.

 The water park is setup like cute little water stations... one of Amira's favorites was the Slip -n- Slide station, a water slide,  and a sand castle scultping station. The water park was also grown up friendly with food trucks, a "shade station" for grown ups to cool "down" and  take a load off, a very cool dj and vendors.

The Splash + Splatter is every Saturday and Sunday of June and July from noon-5pm. The cost is only $5 per person.

We... yes although Mommy was so hot we enjoyed ourselves.  The park is fun and will definitely make our way back out to Shelby Farms and make a complete day of exploring other amenities it has to offer. 

.: Amira's Outfit Deets :. 
bathing suit | Walmart
shoes | Old Navy

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coloring Inside the Line ..Literally

As you all know I have been planning, getting off track, planning, and now seriously planning to work on my Sweet Kisses line. I am in the process of getting inspiration ( I have it but I can't share the idea and concept with you now) and developing the fabrics of choice and color way for a Spring/Summer 2015 collection. 

As I rendered the designs and sketches, I came upon a color block lol. I had no idea the color way as sometimes I get overloaded with inspiration. I decided to source the "source" Pantone  for the fashion industry and home interior industry for color forecasting for the upcoming season. 

Pantone is the world renowned authority on color and provider and provider of color systems. Pantone allows accurate communication across various industries like fashion, design, and home interiors. There are so many resources on color ways and color combinations for each season.

 As a new designer, using resources like Pantone Color forecasting, you get to go deeper in the industry to see how collections are strategically designed. So, I want to make sure I am putting my best design forward and using the resources available to make sure my collection is on trend. I am so excited to develop the color way and prints for this upcoming collection.

Oh I love this color board pistachio, mint, purples all compliment each other so well.!!! Super duper excited!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Balmain Resort 2015

It's thrilling to see where designers get ideas and inspiration to develop and create beautiful collections. Olivier Rousteing creative director of Balmain was inspired by SoCal and Los Angeles for the Balmain Resort 2015 Collection. He looked to the city with its rich colors and architecture and the people's unique style. I love the clean lines, bold graphics and the amazing color palette. 

Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection 


Monday, July 7, 2014

Trends : Sarong Wrap Skirt

I am growing so tired of being in the city because I am crazy overwhelmed with work yet I daydream at my machines of beaches and sarong wrap dresses. Hence, I made a post specifically for the coolest trend that
is easy to pull off.

I purchased this bold african print sarong wrap dress from a local thrift store in Memphis, AmVets, I know about two years ago. It is a vintage Coco Bianco sarong wrap dress, like always, it was way too big. However, I saw it's potential. I knew it only needed to meet my sewing machine.  I made alterations in the length and used the portion from the bottom and made new sleeves.

Adding accessories to compliment the look was easy... I love these wooden colorful necklaces by local designer Brittany Bullock from K'Presha 

.: DEETS :. 
dress | Amvets
necklace | K'Presha
shoes | Style Junkie 

.: DEETS :. 
dress | Macys
shoes & accessories Style Junkie 

Try the look for yourself... It's such an easy summer look and beyond versatile. Dress the look up to prevent looking like you are going to the beach. The point is to look stylishly like a beach bum.

Bloomingdales Wrap Skirt 

asos Wrap Dress 

Helmut Lang Wrap Skirt 

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