Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY Inspiration : Embellished Denim

It's so funny how history repeats itself especially in fashion and design. I remember my first DIY project as a teenager was embellishing denim. Look where I am a million years later, getting inspired by the surge of embellished denim. Christopher Kane and H&M were the trendsetters in the craze. 
What is so cool is that the creative possibilities are endless. You can use rhinestones, pearls, buttons, studs, sequin beads, pom poms whatever inspires you. 

Fashion: Mary Katrantzou Spring Summer 2015

 Let be honest..I haven't been this excited over a collection in a very long time. But, Mary Katrantzou had me at HELLO..Hello to creativity..Hello to imagination..Hello to fashion. Katrantzou latest Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Collection was a magical step back 200 million years ago under the ocean and a reference to the evolution of sea life.

 The details and engineered prints and technical rendering of fabrics were captivating. The enchantment of mixing prints and textures in the looks are amazing. 

I am in total awe of how inspired I am by this collection. Pulling ideas to implement into my wardrobe and I can confidently say I'm in love with fashion again. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Olivia Pope & Scandal Wardrobe Challenge

It's pretty clear I live in such an analog world!! I have YET to watch AN episode of Scandal...I know I know...don't throw your shoe at me. Nope I haven't! However, after reading the New York Times article on The Limited's 42 piece Collection inspired by Scandal & Pretty Girls Sewing Challenge..I peeked from the rock. 

Expectedly, I decided to participate in PGS sew along challenge. The challenge is to design and make an Olivia Pope inspired look from one the episodes of your choice. Seeing that I have absolute no clue what Olivia Pope wears I had to do some research. Thankfully, the ladies over at PGS, Pinterest, and the web have this completely covered. 


I am pretty confident I will come up with a design or two. I love the looks because they are both timeless and classy. Hey..It wouldn't be to bad to participate because I then get a head start on some gorgeous staple pieces for fall. Trench coats in gorgeous pastels as well as cocoon coats that I have been dying to make all year. 


Inaugural Ball After Party Look 

Outerwear | Trench or Cocoon Coat

Date Night with Jake 
Tweed Powersuit

So I need your help!!! I would love your feedback and what you would like to see me make from the looks above or hey just throw out some ideas.

What Olivia Pope inspired look would you like to challenge me to make ?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What I'm Loving : Garance Dore

I have a crush on Garance Dore' and I'm not ashamed to say it..hell I'll tell the world. Garance Dore is a creative genius. So let's talk about how I fell in love and continue to fall in love with her and her work.

As you all know, I am new to the illustrator world. In the short amount of time, I have been studying the craft, I have researched talented illustrators frantically. I came across Garance Dore' s  work through Lucky Magazine and Instagram and man my heart has skipped beats since.
 Garance  began her career as an illustrator and now as photographer, illustrator and writer has become a fashion phenomenon working with major brands and design houses. Her work for me is the perfect and harmonious blend of fashion and lifestyle.

I was so amped to discover her stationery during a shopping trip last weekend at a local boutique here in Memphis 20twelve.  I stood there I know literally trying to figure out WHAT I wanted...stationery, phone case, note pad, calendar, man decisions we have to make. 

I took these babies home. I am a now a proud owner of Garance Dore stationery and also using her work as inspiration for my own projects and ideas. If you get one of these babies in the mail, please feel privileged lol. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Style in the City : Ava Loren Design & Langford Market September in Style Series

S is for September and we shall kick off this month of style with Ava Loren Design and it's September in Style Series. The entire month of September Kamesha Richard Hervey, chief creative officer of Ava Loren Design,  will hold free DIY workshops in store at Langford Market.

The series of creative workshops will teach you the secrets of setting the tone and table for a sensational  and stylish season. Last week, I got dressed and headed out to support my creative partner and friend at the first workshop that was all about PAPER. 

We all tapped into our crafty and creative spirits and designed the most adorable dinner party invitations. Kamesha did an amazing job teaching us the techniques of INVITATION 101 without it going completely over our (my) heads. The chicest recipe cards were laid at each work space for us to follow along and work at our own pace. Using lightbox techinques, we prepared the text and also used watercolor to paint unique color ways and palettes to give each invitation its own individuality.

I was so excited to finally use water color and apply my knowledge of mixing primary colors to make secondary colors and complimentary and contrasting palettes. It was so fun!! Can you feel how excited I was?! 

To close out the evening,  we made personalized handcrafted envelopes and charming trinket boxes to send to our dinner party guests.  The envelope portion was so cool. I felt like I was doing orgami haha.

Voila!! My dinner party invitation is ready to go out all pretty and proper. Sidebar : I did not do the best job at the lightbox technique. However, the ladies at the workshop were so encouraging.  They reminded me that art is subjective and there are no mistakes in art lol. It's such a great thing..Kamesha made cards and instructions for us to take home and recreate the invitations over and over. 



Here is a special invitation to you all as well... On Kamesha's behalf I would love to invite you to this upcoming week's September in Style Series : Fabric. Kamesha is so gracious to have a special guest Andrea Fenise lol to help you create a special project leading up to the dinner party. 

We can't wait to see you and please pretty please feel free to register for the FREE workshop  HERE

Thursday, September 4, 2014

#OOTD : Sequin Bandeau Top + Camo

Things don't always go as planned. Last weekend, there were so many parties and cookouts celebrating Labor Day Weekend and guess who didn't go to any? Yup, me! I planned to wear this outfit Saturday and I ended up coming into work at midnight to work on a project. We always have another day and today was that day.
 My style is sort of signature you would say. You can pretty much as of late predict I will wear either black or sequin. Hahahah You get both today. I wore a byAndreaFenise sequin bandeau top, mixed a few prints with camo and leopard. Ok, let's go back over mixing prints. Remember I suggested an easy way to mix prints here.

 My look today was in my mind a little mix of glam and edge. Accessories are the details of every story. Play ing and having  fun with accessories is the coolest part of getting dressed. The chain is actually a necklace...seee use your imagination.

.: deets :.
 sequin bandeau top | byAndreaFenise
camo pants | thrifted
shoes | Style Junkie
accessories | Forever 21 
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