Tuesday, September 2, 2014

3 Simple Ways to Design The Life You Want

 Almost 5 years ago, I made a big girl decision to launch one of my biggest ventures yet. It would be one to go down in history and in my hopes a story to be told by Amira's grandkids grandkids. The Life of Andrea Fenise. I set out to redesign my own life. One full of passion and purpose. Full of adventure. Full of dreams and love. Full of self-discovery. I made a personal and professional commitment to design the life I wanted. 

I began the journey by taking control of my life and realizing it was mine to live.  I knew that this life was indeed not a test run. I couldn't start all over again. Therefore, I had to make personal vow and contractual agreement with my inner self to become my own life architect. Today, I have raised a beautiful little girl, owned a business, traveled to a city of my dreams, met some amazing people and still moving forward. I wanted to share with you three simple ways to design the life you want. 



Words are so powerful! We all know the famous quote.."Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". Well, sadly we know that's not totally true. Over the years of hearing, "you can't do that" or "women don't do that" or "but you could do this", we know those W-O-R-D-S  form hard little emotional scars in our souls. Words used in negative ways can prevent us from living a life of purpose because we succumb to fear of being the amazing people we were designed to be. So let's starting adding some positive to the negative and speak power over your life. I double dog dare you to proclaim a life that you desire. Just say it..Hell!! I will design the life I want. 


A blueprint is a design plan. It's a guide, design, or pattern that can be followed. Want to be an entrepreneur? Create a blueprint. Want to travel the world? Create a blueprint. Want to own rental property? Create a blueprint. Our future is directly aligned with all of our daily habits in the present moment. It's important to create a system of accomplishing  both short term and long term goals. You will begin to realize that once you sit down and take personal time to create the blueprint for your life hings are more organized. Working the plan and planning the work...you will look back in retrospect and say well look at that " I'm living.. and I designed this life. " 

3. It's all in the VISUALS! 

If you ever took a business class or read a company's profile, you know it's highly important for a business to state their company's vision. Declaring it's vision allows them to focus on strategies to clearly communicate it's purpose and goals. If a planned course of action does not move the company to its goals then it must be revised. So with your new blueprint and your goals, it's time you package them up together and Incorporate Yourself.. your name  Inc.  
Develop a vision and mission for your company and your life. What do you want your life to look like? Who do you strive to be? How do you want to be remembered?  A vision statement sets out long term goals and aspirations clearly. It should inspire you and motivate you to begin creating your future. It gives you a clear picture of where you are and where you aspire to be. Speaking of picture, I use visuals as reference points in my blueprint to proclaim a goal and look back every now and then on the journey of accomplishing them. While you are writing your vision statement preferably in your visual journal lol, take pictures to document your journey. Visuals and pictures are great to use as affirmations of where you can go as well. I love creating mood boards for every new goal or chapter in my life.

 For example, I snapped the photo above during a recent trip to Memphis College of Art. Guess what, I am visualizing starting art school!!!!! It will be so cool to look back 2 years from now when I snap a picture of my completion of art school. Visualize it so you can see it


How would you like to design your life? What are some of your goals? How do you want to be remembered? Comment below I'd love to hear. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fully Booked Bookclub with Andrea Fenise

It took some time to work out the kinks but you all I'm so happy to finally announce the launch of Fully  Booked Bookclub. Fully Booked is the formal meetup and digital bookclub that will allow us avid stylish readers to discuss and review good reads. We all know how far our imagination goes with reading and it's exciting to share it with others. We are planning some pretty amazing things with the book club like live Google Plus Hangouts, stylish in store events in bookstores and so much more.


Oh, P.S. if you join today I will offer a 20% off discount on  my latest bookmark collection. 
SHOP HERE enter FULLYBOOKED at checkout

Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Style : Sequin Shorts

 Last Saturday, I decided to take a night off and attend Memphis Urban League of Young Professionals Mixology event at Opera Memphis. I knew the event would be stylish and some of the city's most influential professionals and tastemakers would be in attendance. Seeing that I am a professional in a creative industry, I wanted to wear something that will be a direct representation of my "line of work" and would be simple and stylish.

 Looking no further than my own closet, I pulled a pair of reversible sequin shorts I made the night before as a treat. While getting dressed, I was posed with the question of how to style them without being over the top. I laid two different options out. One with a very casual shoe with a very monochromatic look and the other with a mix of metallic and bold silver jewels and an olive blouse and consulted my friend Kim with a iPhone picture.

Here's some advice on how to style sequin short plus  I've pinned some of my fav sequin short looks on Pinterest for you take home! lol 

 Always pair the shorts with a neutral or simple blouse to "break up the glam" 
A white button down is perfect to pair with sequin shorts. You can always add a blazer in a neutral color. Don't be afraid of the look being too glamorous..that's the point right just don't go in overload mode. 
 Accessories should complement the sequin look! It's the perfect opportunity to go all glitter mode. Pair your sequin shorts with statement pieces like a necklace or a ring.

Would you wear sequin shorts and how would you style them?
Oh and BTW Sequin Shorts byAndreaFenise are available HERE 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Bookmark Collection | Urbane Opulence byAndreaFenise

Can you feel my heart beating through the computer screen?! I'm so excited to announce my latest bookmark collection Urbane Opulence. Urban Opulence is a collection of bookmarks inspired by home decor, beautiful living, and of course my love for designing your own lifestyle. 

Inspiration for the collection was right under my little nose. I recently worked an home interior design project for a couple who has a beautiful apartment in downtown Memphis. My task was to perfectly blend masuclinity with femininity and I knew I could accomplish the goal by mixing textures and prints. 

Voila, the inspiration for the bookmark collection was the beautiful result of  blending my work with my passion. After developing the pillow treatment for my client and using home decor as a source of inspiration, I made a note to self. Self..design a balanced and stylish life. Create a collection of bookmarks that the byAndreaFenise woman would be able to totally relate to. 

Love home interior as much as I do and reading just as much? 
 Here are 5 of my top favorite coffee table books. 

 Nate Berkus Things That Matter 

Nichole Robertson  Paris in Color
 Miles Redd The Big Book of Chic 
Sue Hostetler Majestic Metropolitan Living 
Kelly Wearstler Hue

All of these coffee table books are amazing reads and a testament to living. Living in the sense of using things around you as inspiration and communicating your personality . It also is visual proof that we should all take the time to be adamant about designing a balanced and stylish life. 

URBANE OPULENCE is available now
South Main Book Juggler | 548 S. Main St Memphis 

Style Inspiration: Matthew Williamson Pre Fall 2014

 Can you all believe that fall is almost here ladybugs?  Now is the perfect time to start preparing your fall wardrobe. Remember proper planning prevents piss poor performance right?! Well one simple way I prepare my seasonal wardrobe especially now that I make all of my clothes is by scouring the internet for inspiration from major fashion houses and sites like Style.com and Vogue. Ritualistically, I wake up every morning and check the daily fashion news and also get inspired by new designs.

  I gawked in awe of Matthew Williamson's Pre Fall 2014 collection and immediately started planning my fall wardrobe. The collection is a playful and modern take on wardrobe from the roaring 20s. I am in love with the richness of the colors and the elegant fabrics like chiffon.

I will surely use inspiration from the entire collection as I start designing my fall wardrobe. I'm sure I will plan or make up an event to attend just to wear my pieces.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Style : Strolling in Pleats & Crop Tops

 Happy last week of August!!!! 

Where has the summer gone? I'm sooooo a summer girl.  I love sitting outside getting hot. feeling the sun's energy just radiate through my body, and wearing crop tops. Speaking of crop tops..every now and then I buy what I call "pick me up" pieces from trendy stores like Rainbow to add to my  wardrobe. Pick me up pieces are cute trendy pieces that aren't really expensive but styled right can accentuate a look.

 I call this entire look "pick me up" because I scored the pleated pants from the thrift store..yas I told you guys I'm back thrifting like I never left. I really had fun with this look as the pants were super flowy. I felt so 70s lol.

.: deets :. 
crop top | Rainbow
pleated pants | Mid South Outlet
accessories | Style Junkie 
clutch + ring | K'Presha 

Do you guys have any shopping secrets or style tips like my "pick me up"?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Tulle-ing Around

"It is a happy talent to know how to play.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson" 

Whenever I wear my tulle skirt I drift off into the most dainty and childlike place of my imagination. Tulle skirts are so reminescent of my childhood, playing with musical boxes with the prettiest ballerinas twirling around. I felt so pure and innocent and in touch with one of the best attributes of childhood...creativity. 

Ironically, as an adult working in a creative industry, channeling my creativity isn't difficult at all. What we consider now as "creative exercises" is something I make sure I do daily to keep my heart and imagination open. I search for inspiration!!!!

Amira & Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & The City were major sources of inspiration for this look and the concept of the shoot.  You remember the  bus splashing scene in  Sex and The City right?! Well yes that's the inspiration. Secondly, Amira is a daily source of inspiration especially watching how organically creative she is. Mommy mimicked her movement, her plie' and even her giggles. 

 .: deets :. 
camisole | K'Presha 
tulle skirt | byAndreaFenise
shoes | Aldo
clutch | K'Presha

photo | Kim Thomas of KPFusion
makeup | Ninja Walker for NV Cosmetic

"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up" - Pablo Picasso

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Style : Accessorizing on a Budget

Have you ever stood in your closet and wondered "WTH am I going to wear?" Have you said I've already worn that before...especially since we have social media sites that are reminders of repeating wardrobe? Breathing new life into your wardrobe can be so simple and a breath of fresh air by just adding different accessories. 

I am a lover of accessories! I love bold  pieces that revitalize a look. Statement necklaces are the perfect accessory.  
 During a run to Walmart for school supplies, I ventured off my path and went to the accessory and cosmetic department and found this goregous girl. Walmart carries a line of colorful and trendy statement necklaces that will not break your monthly budget.

.: deets :. 
statement necklace | Walmart
shoes | Target

photos Kim Thomas for KPFusion 
makeup Ninja Walker for Cosmetic NV

If you love the statement necklaces,  here are 5 of my favorite pieces

TOPSHOP Triple Spike Bead Flower Collar

Impulse Women's Statement Necklace

CATHERINE STEIN Dual Chain Rhinestone Statement Necklace

Carmen Chevron Necklace

Adria Festival Flower Necklace

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