Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY : 90s Patched Denim Jeans

 Hey Ladybugs!!! So I have sat on this DIY for a few weeks and finally this morning, I took literally 15 minutes out of my morning to recreate the look. I dread looking at pictures from my horrendous 90s looks. The big baggy jeans, mismatched shoes yes I did that lol, and patched denim. I have seen denim in fashion spreads and I thought well its not that bad. So here I go with my spin.

-a tad bit of inspiration I took mine from a Kensie ad in Marie Claire 
-a pair of denim jeans (H&M)
-iron on denim patches (Hancock)
-stitch witchery or peel n stick if you have denim fabric around like me


 The look is so simple and cute yet edgy. Today was a day out working in the field for me sourcing fabrics for my bookmark collection and home interior project. I did not want to look contrived yet I could look too relaxed.

 Hope to see your looks if you try them!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Recreation :: Plus Size Inspiration

During a much needed  mani + pedi appointment, I browsed through Essence Magazine's April 2014 issue and my mind was blown. I was captivated by the beauty of British model Philomena Kwao,  plus size model. The most gorgeous plus size model yet and I love that she has Ghanian heritage.  

Next came the inspiration...I fell in love with this grey leather paneled bodycon dress. I immediately started scanning my fabric inventory in my head. I also started drafting a pattern to recreate the look. As amateur as it looks it served its purpose. I grabbed measuring tape and literally measured every angle and dimension of my body to draft the pattern like I wanted. 

After rummaging through my fabric closet, I realized I didn't have enough of the grey knit to make the dress exactly like the Bailey 44 dress in the spread. Therefore, with my scrap paper from Amira's art cabinet I drafted the pattern using what I had. 

I love the way it came out!!!! I wore it already to a party and it fit perfectly. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Off the Shoulder Peplum

Are you guys tired of me and peplums yet?! I hope not because it I just am totally obsessed with peplum. I think they are the most flattering on my body type..skinny minnie. Peplums accentuate the hip area by adding volume where you lack curves. So for all my ladies with a little bit of a boyish figure meaning wide shoulders and narrow hips you should totally add a few garments with peplums to your wardrobe. 
I went a little rock glam with my look and paired my off the shoulder peplum top pairing a pair of sequin leggings from Forever 21 and my go to Givenchy choker.

Oh and a little check in on the design process for the launch..So I completed one piece and this off the shoulder peplum was one of them just a different color because I used it as a sample. 

It is exciting to watch my progress. I feel like I am in school teaching myself so many new techniques. Designing and making this off the shoulder peplum, I went from illustrating to making my own pattern to producing a garment. YAY!!!

sequin leggings Forever 21
choker Givenchy
earrings Target & Rainbow 

New Bookmark Collection byAndreaFenise : Colorblind

 Hello April!!!!! Moving into the fourth month of the year...wooh...time is flying!!! I have accomplished a lot in just four months. Looking back one of my biggest accomplishments was launching a collection of bookmarks in January and watching the brand grow. I want to keep the momentum going and launch a new collection.
It is a bold collection of black and white prints and I even added texture in the sequin. Designing and sourcing fabric for this collection, I kept visualizing the woman or even man who would stylishly use the bookmarks event the type of books they would read. I saw culture, intelligence, and great personal style! I love this collection absolutely adore it. 
 The collection can be shopped online at my Etsy store. Of course, they are available at South Main Book Juggler located at 548 S. Main Downtown Memphis (remember the Style Talk event will be hosted there) & also available at Booksellers at Laurelwood located at  387 Perkins Road Extended.

Before I go...let me suggest a few good reads to pair with the bookmarks. Yes, I am taking a month to simultaneously read each one and I have a bookmark for each. Happy Stylishly Reading!!!! If you get a chance to read any of the books be sure to use #makingreadingstylish and join the bookclub.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Fashion 101 : Designer Pronunciation

i-D Magazine launched a guide on how to pronounce some of fashion's most famous designers. Much needed huh...It tickles me to hear some people butcher designers names. And yes...I have tickled my self with pronouncing new designers. Not only is the video forward in creativity, it is styled amazingly with some of fashions it models in each designers garments. Not to mention narrated by my boo..Lindsey Wixson and those lucious lippies.  I hope you enjoy and have a great week. New posts this week and updates.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Yay!!! So I'm super stoked. I am hosting my first event next month Style Talk. Myself along with some of my talented, beautiful and intelligent friends will gather with cocktails and probably have some of the most stimulating conversations.

Style Talk is the beginning of many meet and greets with you guys and I am working to bring so many more amazing female entrepreneurs and tastemakers on board. It is with all of my prayers and dreams to be able to foster a community of bold, beautiful and intelligent women that network and create opporutunities for each other.

The event is held on one of Memphis's most stylish nights Downtown Trolley Night at the chic bookstore South Main Book Juggler  . I really hope to see you all out!!! Can't wait!!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Natural Hair : Mommy + Me

So let me tell you guys upfront...I am not one of those natural hair gurus..All the natural hair lingo type 3c, pineapple, hold your head upside down, cowash, prepoo (well I do know that lol) but you get my drift.

I am just natural no chemicals at all and have been that way no for almost 15 years now and so is Amira. I love my natural hair!!! However, I don't feel as if it is as healthy as it can be and long as it should. As far as Amira goes, she has the most beautiful texture and curl pattern ever. The only problem is I feel like it's growing super slow and not as thick as I would love it to be. Therefore, I am updating our regimen and working on growing healthy thick luxurious natural hair.

One of the weekly regimens I have started for the both of us is the essential oil prepoo regimen. I don't know about you guys but I literally have to look up meanings of the natural hair lingo. If you aren't familiar I will try to make sure I put the meaning and use of everything here. I was introduced to the regimen back in 2011 while following Moptop Maven (le sigh) she doesn't blog anymore.

just a short abbreviation of pre shampoo treatment  all you need for a prepoo treatment is a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil, almond oil etc.


“Add 1/2 cup Coconut Oil to a Crock Pot set on low; drop in 1 teaspoon each of the following herbs: Horsetail, Rosemary, Lavender, Sage, and Burdock Root. Allow herbs to steep in the oil for about 20-30 minutes. Remove the herbs from the oil and let cool. Apply herbal infused coconut oil to unwashed, dry hair and follow your normal pre-shampoo routine.
About This Formulation:
Horsetail: Purported to speed hair growth, clear skin inflammations, and strengthen hair follicles
Rosemary: Rosemary is purported to stop hair loss, add sheen, and impart shine and nutrients
Sage: Sage is great for clearing up skin inflammations 
Lavender- treats scalp infections and diminishes dandruff and increase volume in hair shaft
Burdock Root - the most important essential oil for restoring hair. Burdock Root relieves scalp irritations and improves blood circulation to the hair and reverses hair thinning. 
Exfoliate Your Scalp Once Weekly – You can also gently exfoliate your scalp in lieu of pre conditioning treatments. “

**All of the essential oils may be purchased at Whole Foods or an online retailer like Amazon**